tequila blanco

A superior spirit made with 100% finest Blue Agave & Triple-Distilled for extraordinary softness, flavor
& aroma.

tequila reposado

A Magnificent Ultra-Premium expression with smooth & penetrating flavor. Made in the traditional way with the finest Blue Agave & aged in American White Oak .

tequila anejo

Fine, Elegant, Exquisite. A phenomenal
Ultra-Premium spirit. Truly soft on the palate thanks to it's fine agave honeys & aging.

tequila spiced

A blend of the simplicity & purity of our Blanco with spices & natural flavors. Perfect for adding complexity to your favorite cocktail.

mezcal joven

A Superior Joven Mezcal, exhibiting the traditional methods of manufacture from Jima to Bottle.
A Classic in the making.

mezcal anejo

Ultra-Premium, made with 100% finest Blue Agave & Triple-Distilled for extraordinary Softness, Flavor & Aroma.

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Tasting notes

Petrichor, Toasted Agave
Smoky, Vegetal & Medicinal
Bold & Clean. Medium acidity.

Founded in 2010, two young Mexican entrepreneurs: Sergio A. Ortiz Khoury & Jose P. Rodriguez Samano wanted to create a different Tequila in terms of quality and taste and introduce it to the world. Their passion is reflected in every joyful moment a NOCK bottle is shared.

In the depths of the pandemic, two friends from Brooklyn, NYC, Jason Armstrong & Melissa Smith, were introduced to Sergio and Jose by family friends and NOCK USA was born.   With investment, the same passion and entrepreneurial spirit NOCK would be relaunched in the United States.

A little known small-batch spirit created with love, Nock embodies the spirit and commitment to quality and friendship that brought them together.

Along with Creative Director Kenny Mathieson, they set about rejuvenating the brand with renewed vigour, whilst retaining the quality of the spirits. Being a Mexican founded, and internationally managed business is important to the team, as the next phase is to support the industry through various non-profits that are protecting traditional producing processes, inclusivity, and the people and culture behind it.

The five principal tenets of our philosophy (Friendship, Family, Opportunity, Life & Beauty) resonate as much with the vibrant soul of Charleston as they do with us.

With President Melissa Smith & Creative Director Kenny Mathieson of Nock USA resident in the Holy City, it is our intention to become an active part of the Charleston food and beverage community.Vive la vida que quieras recorder. Live the life you want to remember.  We do this every day, it has brought us together with our partners in Mexico and Brooklyn, and we wish the same spirited life for you.We hope you enjoy the superior taste of Nock Tequilas and Mezcals as much as we do and welcome you into our family.